What’s New in Ruby that We are Cooking?

What is New in Ruby that We are Cooking?

As Ruby 2.0 is on the verge of stable roll-out (Yes, Ruby 2.0.0-rc2 is released last week), we at RailsFactory thought that it is important to look back the journey slightly. As the first version Rails was written in Ruby 1.8, it became more popular than its previous versions and lot of ruby gems came into existence organically. Then the 1.9 release came with many significant changes over 1.8 like, New Socket API, Block Local variables, Per-string character encoding etc.

Here are some of the new features that being incorporated in 2.0,

  • Keyword arguments
  • Enumerable#lazy
  • Module#prepend
  • #to_h: Convention for conversion to Hash
  • %i: a literal for symbol array
  • Updated regexp engine: Onigmo (a fork of Oniguruma)
  • Enumerator#size and Range#size were introduced
  • DTrace support
  • TracePoint
  • Optimized require performance (especially, on Windows)
  • Enhanced asynchronous interrupt handling
  • Launch-time stack
    size tuning parameters

We are quite excited and rolled up our sleeves to play around with this new version to evaluate the effectiveness and what it requires for a smooth migration from older versions.