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Costing Models

ITERON Cost Models, Terms and Conditions


MVP/MVC Pricing Model

We offer Fixed price for MVP and MVC
Special Rates to meet budget Constraints
Scoping workshop is done at free of Cost
Definitive Targets are agreed for launch

Fixed Price

Clear Scope definition from the Client
Scope frozen after Discovery Phase
10% spill over tolerance allowed
Weekly review to Control the Scope

Time & Material Model

Scope variations due to Business Changes
Daily Time sheets are maintained
Timesheet published weekly for Approval
Weekly Project status progression review

Retainer Model

Dedicated Team assigned for the Project
Minimum of 0.5 FTE per month needed
10% off on standard rates for Retainers
Weekly Work Report submitted by Team

Shared Services Model

Customer has very intermittent work load
Team shared with other Client Projects
Resources assigned when ticket is created
Internal KT to multiple Team members

Work packages Model

Purchase of work packages (hours)
Work assigned on need basis to Team
Non-utilised hours carried to next month
Non-utilised hours expires after 3 months



We offer flexible Costing models to create a win-win situation for the Clients. We focus on value generated for our Clients instead of hourly rates. The reason we are in Business is because of our Customers. So, it is important for us that our Customers’ Customer are happy.


  • No advance payment is taken from the Client
  • Timesheet will be maintained on a Weekly basis and sent for approval to the Client
  • Invoice will be raised on the first day of the month and Pay term 15 days net
  • Client can cancel the contract with 2 weeks’ notice period. In such an event, ITERON will hand over all code, documents and other intellectual properties of the Client.
  • ITERON will respect the hierarchy of the Client and will not involve in any unwarranted activities in other Projects or domains or with Suppliers and Customers of the Client
  • ITERON declares that all the deliverables will be directly done by its own personnel from its delivery centers and not use any subcontractor