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Case Study AMP


Case Study : Property Management Solutions


Target Segment

  • Real estate development, investment and asset management


  • Portfolio Intelligence module : Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Quality Management and valuation
  • Lease Management module: Stacking Plan, Pipeline analysis, Rent rollup and Risk Management
  • Document Management module: Secured storage, sharing services and File Dashboard
  • Best Dynamic Portfolio Manager, Customizable Tenant Placement Plans
  • Minimal cost to the customers, Predicts Future Trends, Property Valuation Comparison


  • Headquarter at Mountain View, CA, USA
  • Online asset management platform
  • 4000+ Users worldwide
  • 2 Business units




  • Web enabled
  • Secured networking
  • Workflow enabled
  • Integration with other web applications and search engines
  • Excel exports and imports Print Pdf, doc, tiff etc
  • Google map integration with location services of the property


Layer Technology
Frame work Ruby on Rails
Database MySQL
Version control Git
Application server Phusion Passenger,


Analytics Google analytics
Other Languages Python, PHP, WordPress
Testing tool Cucumber, rspec




Impact on Client Problems Our solutions Value
Scalability & flexibility The client wanted the application to be accessible in multiple platform (cross platform application) APP is a cloud based real estate asset management tool. APP is a SaaS application perfectly capable of operating in multiple platforms. 8% of total investment saved due to infrastructure elimination
Revenue The client wanted the application to be assertive and engaging to its customers. Target group was real estate commercial and residential clients. So ease of use important. We suggested Fusion charts which provides animated and interactive charts and helps their user to visualize data 22% increase in the Client base after go-live of dashboards
Revenue The client required the application to allow its users to chat among themselves Comet chat, allows its users to chat with each other real time as well as with their friends in social networks 22% increase in the Client base after go-live of dashboards
Cost Savings The client wanted to provide their customer with a one point solution APP was integrated and collaborated with a majority of current accounting systems which also enhanced the productivity of the employees of organization. 30% productivity improvement due to elimination of manual work
Cost Savings The client wanted the application to be flexible to meet the requirement of all its users. APP allows a high degree of customization to its customers so that they can tailor the application to their needs. 5% of IT spending for new development eliminated
Cost Savings Client wanted the whole development to be done at offshore without gaps Experienced Business Analysts & PM from Real Estate domain led the team to a successfull rollout 5% of IT spending eliminated – Zero onsite resources